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Hello StarStruck Parents and interested dancers! We will be forming new teams (number of teams undetermined until auditions) for the upcoming season and the audition date is approaching. This is a general overview of how our competition season works. A detailed packet of information/pricing will be available at the auditions.

Auditions for ages 4-18. We create teams AFTER auditions based on number of dancers, experience, age, and ability. Teams will be chosen after the last day of auditions and results will be posted later that evening (Saturday). You will receive a text message with details. Our auditions run for approximately 2 hours so we can assess each dancer's ability, skills, personality, and experience.

There will be a parent meeting for the first 30 minutes of auditions. While the dancers are stretching and learning their material with our staff, I will be going over the competition packet, details, and what you can expect from the competition experience. You can ask questions and leave feeling completely informed.

Anyone male or female can audition even if you do not have years of dance experience. We welcome anyone who wants to work hard, loves dance, be dedicated, and train at an intense level to be a part of a 25 -year legacy of healthy competition experience. StarStruck's aim and purpose is to train dancers to learn team goals in a studio atmosphere, push dancers to their personal best each season, and to give them confidence while teaching them perseverance, determination, and an outstanding work ethic. We pride ourselves with a friendly and supportive parent/dancer environment in which all studio dancers and parents are a cohesive unit as we travel to and from various competitions and serve as stellar role models throughout the year for our studio, dancers, and town. Winning is not everything, and we take our losses in stride with grace, yet come back to improve and reflect on our judges' critiques to push our team goals and individual dancer's goals to the next level. Parent involvement is key and expected for a successful dance season. Parents should not focus on specifically their own dancer but be willing to support in any capacity all dancers on their team and all teams overall. This cohesion is vital to our team unity and dance family and makes a big difference in our success. We welcome you to an amazing experience that you will treasure forever, create memories, friendships, and of course earn various awards in which you can be proud of for life! … and now for a few details!

Competitions: We will be attending approximately 6-7 competitions throughout 2022.

Competition season starts September 1 and runs through the end of June when we wrap up with our Spring recital.

Competition training is September- June, while competitions begin in late January- June. We attend approx.1 to 2 competitions per month and try our best to avoid back-to-back weeks of travel.

Competitions run from 1-3 days depending. You may have to book accommodations if you compete on more than one day. This depends on age and divisions within the circuit. It also depends on team dances, number of dancers in groups and solos, duets, and trios. The competitions we attend are mostly in the Los Angeles/Riverside area and one in Las Vegas, Nevada. They can double as family weekends/getaways as most are located near fun things to do such as beaches, attractions, and venues.

Training: Most dancers will be training at the studio several times/week for several hours at a time. We try to block lessons so dancers can go from one class to another, sometimes offering a small break in between so they can eat a snack and drink some water. We recommend dancers take ballet, acro, flexibility/technique/ and choreography. Some of these trainings will be individual classes, others will be combined in their classes. Teams will be assigned to specific classes designed especially for them.

Cost: Starstruck will provide fundraising opportunities for all competition dancers this year. Fundraisers will be organized by the parents and can be for individual benefit/team benefit. You can get personal/business sponsors to help with the costs associated with competition. More info to come. These opportunities are helpful to alleviate out of pocket expenses. There are 2 payments that will need to be made each month regarding competition. The payment on the 1st of each month will be Tuition. This will cover all team lessons for the month. (Solos, duets, trios outside of team lessons will be a separate cost and figured into the monthly tuition accordingly.)

The second payment is on the 15th of each month is your Competition Package Payment. We do an inclusive package that covers all competition entry fees, costumes, practice attire/shoes, choreography and music fees, coaching fees associated with travel) This package is broken up into payments and a payment plan. Payments must be made on time as due dates are crucial. Many competition circuits require their fees be paid up to 2-3 months in advance. The studio will not cover dancer's fees. Parents must pay or they will not be able to participate. You must put a credit/debit card or cards on file, and they will be billed automatically each month on the 1st and the 15th.

Auditions: Choose ONE to attend. There will be two dates you can choose from- Dancers will be taught all requirements at the auditions.

Weekend Morning audition:

Saturday August 27th from 10 am-12 pm. Please arrive early to fill out paperwork and get signed in so we can start stretching out the dancers. An informational parent meeting will take place from 10:15-10:45 please attend.

Dancers Wear: Hair tightly slicked back into a Low Ponytail. Fitted Black leggings calf to ankle length. Fitted tank top- no sleeves, any color. Proper Dance Shoes (Preferred- Jazz shoes or Half soles, or ballet) Please be in full stage makeup for auditions. (Pre-schoolers (age 4) optional)

Dance fitting and measurements for all dancers who make team will be Monday August 26. Come anytime between 4:00-7:00pm. All signed paperwork needs to be turned in this day as well.

Looking forward to an amazing season! Sincerely, Shannon Lamoreux

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