Star Struck Dance Studio
Class Policies
StarStruck Dance Studio Policies- All dancers and competition team members:

Parent must initial by each policy. Studio shall keep on record. Parent will be given a copy of policies which are found in studio booklet.

1._____ Dance Tuition: Monthly tuition is due/charged on the 1st day of each month. If not paid after the 5 day grace period, dancers will not be able to participate in class, rehearsals, recital, competitions, or other studio activities until all dues are paid in full.

2._____ Late tuition payments/ NSF Payments: $10 late fee added for payments made after first week of the month. A $25 charge will be applied to returned checks. Parents are responsible to inform the studio immediately of any changes to the information of credit cards/debit cards kept on file.

3._____ Payment options:
1. Use the Online Registration Portal to have your tuition/costume payments/ shoes/etc. automatically billed to your card each month. Autopay/Re-occuring payment box must be checked before submitting payment info.

2. Need entire semester (Sept.-Dec.),(Jan.-June),(July-Aug.) of postdated checks that will be cashed on the 1st of each month.

3. Payment for the entire semester (Sept.-Dec.),(Jan.-May),(June-Aug.) due at time of registration. (Cash/Credit Card)

4._____ Dance Dress Code: Required dancewear and dance shoes must be worn to all classes. Failure to wear proper attire may result in student being asked to sit out the class. Students are not permitted to wear jeans or shoes worn on the street or outdoors, to any dance class. For safety reasons dances are not permitted to wear jewelry. Hair should be appropriately secured. (See dance packet for appropriate class attire).

5._____Registration, Withdrawal and Refunds: No refunds for missed classes.

There is an Annual Single Dancer Registration Fee $30 or 2 dancers $50 / Each additional +$10 (from same household) that is non –refundable and allows dancers to participate at StarStruck Dance Studio from January-December. There is a 10% discount for additional students enrolled from same household. There is a 2 month minimum for all lessons. One month notice from the first of the month is required to discontinue any classes. Withdrawal must be done in person and will not be accepted over the phone. Withdrawal must be done at the studio office and not with the teacher. Withdrawal must occur within the first 7 days of the month.

To withdrawal from classes a parent or adult student must:

1. Inform studio administration in person, and

2. Complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by studio office. All automatic bank debits or credit card charges will stop after the one month notice period. StarStruck reserves the right to terminate lessons to any students without notice. In such a case a refund for the unused lessons will be given.

6._____Recital/Dance T-shirt/tank and Costume Fees: All classes participate in a December showcase and a June grand recital. The fees associated with each production are as follows:

Tuition: Dance tuition shall remain full price December and June. Tuition covers costs for instructors during dress rehearsals/shows as well as partial dance lessons that month.

December Showcase: All students will be required to purchase a studio outfit which will be debited from your account OCTOBER 1ST. The fee is $TBA. Costume measuring will take place the first week of October. There may be additional costume fees if you are in 2 or more dances.

June Grand Recital: All students will be required to purchase a costume for each dance class they’re in and a recital finale’ t-shirt/tank. The cost is $25 due in February and the costume cost is $TBA per class. The costume total will be debited from your account on March 15th. Costume boards and prices will be available and on display in studio lobby during the month of March. Costume measuring will take place the first week of March.

Costume orders are FINAL and cannot be returned (even if student quits). Costume monies are Non-Refundable. These fees are in addition to your monthly dance tuition. StarStruck recitals are 2 performance days. Dancers MUST be at all required dress rehearsals or they WILL NOT be able to participate in the recital. THEY MUST BE IN BOTH DAYS OF PRODUCTION. There will be a $50 charge for not attending both recital performance days.

7._____ Substitutions: The studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach class. If a teacher is ill and the studio cannot arrange a substitute, any missed classes will be made up. Substitutes do not entitle refunds.

8._____ Extreme Weather or Unexpected Interruption of Class: If the studio must cancel classes due to extreme weather or events beyond our control such as power outages, the missed lessons will be added on to the end of the teaching year. No refunds for lessons missed due to these reasons will be given.

9._____Studio Protocol: NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO- THIS INCLUDES THE LOBBY (water/gatorade is ok). No touching or leaning against mirrors. Profanity, non-cooperation, theft, misbehavior, gum, drug/alcohol use, etc. Will not be tolerated. Dancers should arrive with a positive and cooperative attitude. Not responsible for lost/stolen articles. (Leave valuables at home). There is a lost/found box in both Studio A and Studio B. Non-dancers must remain quietly in the waiting area. DO NOT INTERRUPT/ open the doors to Studio A/B while class is in session. Restrooms are for dancers. If you need to use restroom during class, you must use BACK studio entrances. You are not allowed to walk through classes.

10._____ Attendance and Lateness: The studio reserves the right to have students who come late to class, sit out the class. Repeated lateness may result in termination of lessons. A minimum attendance level will be required. If a student misses more than 4 semester classes, the studio reserves the right to terminate lessons or allow participation in dance recitals, festivals, or competitions.

11._____Injuries: Parents, legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on studio property resulting from normal dance activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during, or after class time.

12._____ Photo Release: The studio is hereby granted permission to take photographs or video of the students to use in brochures, web sites, videos or promotional pieces.

13._____ Care of Students: The studio is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Parents with students under the age of 5 are to remain in the studio lobby during classes. Students are not to be left at the studio for excessive time before/after class. Students are NOT permitted to tumble/use equipment/run/ horseplay/ etc. Between classes or when instructor is Not in the room.

14._____Schedule changes: The studio reserves the right to change class times or combine classes if there are not at least 3 students/ class. Parents will be notified of any changes immediately.

15._____ Parent Responsibility to be aware of dates / events: It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of studio activities, such as photos, dress rehearsals, recitals, extra classes, make up classes and dates that the studio is closed. It is the responsibility of the parent or the adult student to inform the studio of any email address change, address change, or telephone number change as the studio will post announcements, make phone calls, and send out emails to keep you informed.

StarStruck Dance Studio uses EMAIL to communicate with parents. Please add your email to the online portal to be sure to get the most up to date studio info throughout the semester.

Website: Facebook: Dance Starstruck Instagram: starstruck_dance

16. ______Please label shoes and gear with student's full name. Please do not allow your child to wear dance shoes outside. A dance/gym bag is required for all gear.

Parent Protocol: Because I am a role model for my child as well as the other dancers, my personal conduct at the studio, performances, competitions and other studio events must be above reproach, and represents the highest standards or morality, teamwork and sportsmanship. Therefore, I pledge that:

17._____ I will exhibit exemplary behavior at the studio, performances and competitions for our dancers, other parents and spectators.

18._____I will at all times control my emotions and will be considerate of all dancers and parents collective emotions.

19._____I will not make disparaging remarks of any type with regard to teachers, choreographers, choreography placement, costumes, and other parents, competition judges, other schools or publicly criticize them in the studio or course of any event.

20._____Please remember that if you wish to speak to your child's teacher, contact the office to set an appointment; he/she is obligated to start his/her next class on time but will gladly contact you at a later time. If you have a matter that needs attention, please feel free to set up a meeting with the studio owner.

Thank you for dancing at the award-winning StarStruck Dance Studio!

We appreciate your business.

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