Star Struck Dance Studio

Star Struck Dance Studio is located in beautiful Yucca Valley, California on Highway 62 and Pioneertown Road. Visit the contact us page for directions.

Helpful dancer information...

  1. Proper attire is required for all dance instruction.
  2. Wear proper dance shoes. Dance shoes vary tremendously from street shoes and are required to dance. If you do not have dance shoes, you can order them from the studio. Please carry your shoes to class and do not wear them outside.
  3. Check with your instructor for the proper dance/ hair attire. There is also a simple guide on page three. You can also order clothing through the studio.
  4. Please have all proper clothing within the first 2 weeks of class. Thank you!
  5. Changing room: There is a changing room within each studio. All dancers may use this room to store things/ change. Remember, StarStruck is not responsible for lost or stolen articles, so please leave all valuables at home!
  6. Lost and found: There is a lost and found box located in each studio changing room.
  7. Parents: Please do not interfere while class is in session. The instructor will notify you if he/ she needs your attention.
  8. Parking: Please use the side and back parking lots. Curbside should be used for pick up and drop off only!
  9. You may bring your own water to class or you may purchase it in the studio from the beverage cooler.
  10. Attendance is important, so please be at every class!
55816 29 Palms Highway, Yucca Valley, CA. 92284
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